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Junior Guild was established in the spring of 1987 by 15 charter member mothers and daughters, with representation from the Houston Northwest area school districts. Area charities had been previously canvassed as to the need for community volunteers and their willingness to include high school women as volunteers in their programs. The membership of the Junior Guild included high school women in the ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades. 

It was decided that the focus of Junior Guild would be community service, fellowship among the schools, promotion of organizational skills, and mother-daughter participation, with particular focus on the nurturing and mentoring of the high school women and their community service, fellowship, moral and ethical values.

The organization is composed of Executive Advisory members (mothers), and Guild members (daughters). The Board of this organization is composed of Executive Advisory Officers and Committee Chairpersons (mothers) with corresponding Guild Officers and Committee Chairpersons (daughters). The mothers serve in an advisory and assisting capacity.

Junior Guild Senior Honorees of 1991

Junior Guild  History

All female descendants from former Members are considered Legacies.

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